“Today, I commend Gov. Rick Snyder for vetoing one of the most blatantly political bills the Legislature has ever considered. The ‘Choose Life’ license plate would have used state resources to raise funds for an expressly political and ideologically-driven organization; an organization that does not provide health care nor medically-accurate information or services, and has been proven to use deceptive tactics to lure women with false or misleading information. As the governor noted, this is not an appropriate use of funding for a state-issued license plate. It would have set an extremely dangerous precedent for our state.

“The people of Michigan did not send lawmakers to Lansing to pander to political organizations. We were sent here to focus on good jobs for Michigan’s hardworking families, to fix the disgraceful conditions of our state’s roads, and to strengthen our school system so that every student in Michigan has access to a world-class education. Instead of divisive legislation, we need policies that improve the health and well-being of Michigan residents. We need to focus on infant and maternal health, ensuring access to family planning and safeguarding affordable, quality health care.”