LANSING — On Wednesday, during the House Appropriations Committee and on the House floor, multiple proposals to provide an additional $75 million in road funding were rejected, falling short of the funds needed to repair potholes and fix our roads. In response, state Rep. Kristy Pagan (D-Canton) issued the following statement:

“Despite our roads crumbling around us, this week multiple Democratic proposals were rejected to provide an additional $75 million in road funding without raising taxes on our hardworking families. This $75 million would have been on top of the $175 million supplemental being appropriated and would have brought the total to $250 million. According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, the estimated cost of reconstructing a one-lane mile of pavement is approximately $2 million. The state has jurisdictional responsibility for 9,683 route miles of state trunkline highways. There is clearly an obvious need for this additional funding, but House Republicans rejected this plan and fell short of providing the funds needed to repair potholes and fix our roads.

“Not only do I continue to experience the terrible conditions of our roads myself, having cracked windshields, flat tires and axle repairs, I constantly hear from residents and my neighbors who know firsthand that our roads are only getting worse. Under the 2015 Republican road deal, the increased car registration fees and increased taxes at the gas pump were supposed to fix our roads — but based on the conditions we are experiencing, we have to ask, where exactly is this money going? Michigan residents are being forced to wait way too long to see improvements and Wednesday’s vote to reject additional funding sends the message that Republicans have failed to prioritize road and infrastructure funding once again.”