LANSING — Today, the state Legislature passed measures that will take health care away from hundreds of thousands of Michigan families and cut the pay of construction workers across the state. In response, state Rep. LaTanya Garrett (D-Detroit), issued the following statement:

“The most baffling aspect of the votes that took place today is the idea that it either was for the benefit of Michigan and its residents. I don’t see how forcing hundreds of thousands off health care is better for Michigan. I will never understand the supposed rationale that convinced so many in the chamber today that approving a pay cut for countless Michigan families was putting Michigan first. The only thing we will accomplish is to authorize a pay cut to hardworking people building our state and force people who need affordable and quality health care into impossible situations. I stood with my residents and Michigan families today because there is no way I could support taking money out of their pockets or telling them they are not worthy of health care.”