LANSING — Earlier this year, it was revealed that a software malfunction caused the Unemployment Insurance Agency to wrongfully accuse tens of thousands of people of fraud between 2013 and 2015. In response, a bipartisan legislative workgroup was created to assess damage and, where possible, draft policy to rectify the situation. Today, that workgroup introduced its legislation. In response, state Rep. LaTanya Garrett (D-Detroit), issued the following statement:

“The package introduced by my colleagues today is an important first step in making the families behind the 44,000 wrongfully accused fraud cases whole again. Hardworking men and women who were already struggling were dealt an incredible blow when the system singled them out for fraud, and the resulting fees, penalties and other damages they accumulated — all due to a bad computer program — were often debilitating. It is our responsibility now as legislators to build on the foundation the bipartisan workgroup laid for us today to make this situation right. In addition to these bills, there are several others that have been introduced by Democratic representatives and senators that will address other important components of this crisis, so I look forward to seeing action taken on policy that will make meaningful improvements in the lives of those affected by the UIA glitch.”