LANSING — The House of Representatives voted on the Fiscal Year 2018-19 school and general budgets today. State Rep. Leslie Love (D-Detroit) voted no on the General Omnibus Budget and School Omnibus Budget. In response, Rep. Love issued the following statement:

“I voted no today because my community members and the people of the state of Michigan deserve better. How could I support a budget that does not provide sustainable relief for residents of Flint, that underfunds mental and women’s health and misses the mark on repairing our roads all while disrespecting our educators? Michigan’s working families need better roads and better schools and this budget fails to fund either. Instead of fully funding our schools, this budget diverts money to for-profit charter and cyber schools, putting your hard-earned tax dollars in the pocket of wealthy school management CEOs. And instead of fixing our roads now, this budget allows money to sit untouched, forcing families to continue suffering blown tires and broken axles thanks to our abysmal roads. That is shameful. This budget does not support the people of Michigan, and I could not support the budget.”