LANSING — With a master’s degree in human resources management and as the Democratic vice chairwoman of the Workforce Development Committee, state Rep. Leslie Love (D-Detroit) felt compelled to issue a statement about the recent widespread incidents of workplace sexual harassment. Love is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Progressive Women’s Caucus that formed a sexual harassment taskforce in mid-2017 to engage staff and legislators in developing legislation to address this issue, and that legislation is expected in early 2018.

“As more women enter fields that were formerly dominated by men, such as the skilled trades, we need to address this problem and encourage human resources departments to develop comprehensive policies that are sensitive to everyone and promote awareness in the workplace, and we need to do it sooner than later. It took us decades to get where we are, and it will take a strong stand against this type of behavior to begin to address the many ways that sexual harassment occurs within the workplace and our society as a whole.”