“Yesterday, Gov. Rick Snyder signed an Executive Order (2017-1), creating a pilot program to implement a statewide asset management system. While we may sit on opposite sides of the aisle, establishing a statewide integrated asset management program is a priority that Gov. Snyder and I share.

“On the first day of this legislative session, I introduced House Bill 4016 to create the 21st Century Infrastructure Council and implement an asset management pilot program. HB 4016 was the first bill I introduced in the 2017-18 term, and believe it illustrates my priorities for my tenure in the state Legislature.

“Infrastructure remains one of the largest hurdles we have to tackle as a state. The Flint water crisis and Macomb County sinkhole have shown us how our state’s failure to maintain and invest in infrastructure has harmed people across Michigan. We were forced to learn our lesson the hard way: through crisis. The people of Michigan deserve better.

“Executive Order 2017-1, with its emphasis on state investment in infrastructure improvements, is an important step forward. It is my hope the pilot program is the start of a commitment from state leadership to utilize our infrastructure funding, reduce costs for communities,  and streamline the necessary repairs to our crumbling roads, bridges, and waterways. Therefore, I commend Gov. Snyder, and I hope to see a strong bipartisan effort from my colleagues in the coming months as we work together to accomplish the goals of Executive Order 2017-1.”