LANSING —Gov. Rick Snyder released his budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2018-19 today, which included a pitifully small increase in state per pupil funding, and virtually nothing for local governments. In response, state Rep. Patrick Green (D-Warren) issued the following statement: 

“Our kids will not receive the education they deserve unless we give them the resources they need in their classrooms. This was Gov. Rick Snyder’s chance to show commitment to developing a strong talent base in Michigan, so we will be competitive the next time we bid on something like the F-35 at Selfridge, or attract any other business and their good-paying jobs to our state. But the governor failed by ignoring research and data showing we need $2,000 more per student — not just $240. If we’re serious about good jobs then we need to make sure our students have caring, qualified teachers, and the tools they need to learn, grow and thrive.

“Our local governments also still need better support from the state. Local governments can’t fix our crumbling local roads, bridges and infrastructure without adequate funding. Families need good jobs, businesses need upgraded infrastructure, and taxpayers deserve to have their frustrations with our roads and schools addressed. Without state-level support for local governments we’ll have a hard time keeping businesses here and bringing new jobs into our communities for our families and our kids.”