LANSING — Since early September, work has stopped on road work projects throughout the state as a result of a contractor initiated work lock-out. The work stoppage has exacerbated the city of Warren’s already crumbling roads as a result of years of Republican mismanagement and underfunding. In response, state Rep. Patrick Green (D-Warren) issued the following statement:

“The roads in Warren, Center Line and all of Macomb County are a dangerous mess and we need to finish the repairs we started before I- 696 and other roads become even more hazardous. Our families drive on these roads.  Our children drive on these roads. Michiganders are sick and tired of it — and you know what? So am I. All parties involved need to come together to find a solution, or Gov. Snyder and MDOT officials must hold the contractors responsible for this mess and impose fines and penalties for any unnecessary delays.”