“I am pleased to hear the governor discuss our need for infrastructure improvements in the cities of Warren and Center Line as well as the entire State of Michigan, but we need to move faster than we have over the last year. Water and sewer line replacements, basement flooding, road repairs and now a $50 million dollar retention tank in Warren to combat pollution during high rain events continuously drain everyone’s budgets. In Macomb County residents are battling a devastating sink hole caused by a collapsing sewer line. The tragedy in Flint continues, with residents still having to rely on bottled water, and the state’s response still seems maddeningly slow. That is why my first bill introduced this session was House Bill 4016, which would create the 21st Century Infrastructure Council, to draw on the knowledge of experts in infrastructure technology, policy and regional needs to develop a sustainable, cost-effective plan of action. The people of Michigan can no longer afford to have their elected officials delay infrastructure repairs. I’m ready to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to respond quickly to our current problems, and get to work on a plan to ensure we do all we can to avoid similar, preventable disasters from occurring in other communities across our state.”