Many of you have called or emailed my office wondering about my position on auto insurance. Certainly our auto insurance rates are too high, but do we really have to give up our unlimited medical coverage just for a chance at some relief? I say no. Instead, by working to eliminate fraud and contain costs, we can reduce rates and still maintain a high standard of medical coverage for the catastrophically injured.

To state my position as clearly as I can, I do not support House Bill 5013 in its current form. Barring significant changes to the bill, I will vote no on HB 5013 if it comes before the full House of Representatives. I do support the Fair and Affordable plan and I am hoping to see that package of bills fast tracked.

Click on the graphic below for a simple comparison of the two plans. Be sure to call my office if you have additional questions.

PDF Icon No Fault Comparison One Pager(R7).pdf