YPSILANTI — In a series of increasing warnings regarding the Huron River, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services yesterday issued an advisory warning residents and their pets not to swallow the river’s foam as it may contain high amounts of PFAS. In response, state Rep. Ronnie Peterson (D-Ypsilanti) issued the following statement:

“In the past year, cities all across Michigan have discovered their water supplies are polluted by PFAS chemicals, and this week our Ypsilanti community has joined them. My House Democratic colleagues and I have introduced legislation to address PFAS contamination in our state and ensure Michiganders have access to clean water. We’re living in the Great Lakes State — we cannot wait for the list of communities and families dealing with contamination to grow.  As this crisis continues, and with legislators returning to session next week, we look forward to working with our colleagues to protect our water now, before it is too late.”