LANSING — Today, the Legislature voted on final versions of the state budget for fiscal year 2018-2019. State Rep. Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) voted against the General Omnibus Budget and the School Omnibus Budget and issued the following statement:

“There are so many issues with this budget, it is difficult to keep track. For starters, the  budget fails U.P. families and the young people  in our community looking for good jobs so they can build a good future for themselves right at home. Not to mention it also demands that a prison close, but we don’t know which prison that will be—putting hundreds of jobs in jeopardy and throwing those families into a world of undeserved uncertainty. Local governments will continue to struggle because revenue sharing dollars still aren’t enough to help them provide all the services that make communities work well for residents and businesses. Even with an increase in our per-pupil funding, our schools will still be stretched thin because we continue to divert money to fund cyber schools, which don’t have the same costs as traditional public schools, as well as private non-public schools which is unconstitutional. Instead of putting families first, this administration has focused on benefitting their corporate friends and have enacted policies to deprive people of health care and slash wages. This isn’t a budget that works for families, local communities or students, and that is why I voted no.”