LANSING — House Democrats filed a discharge petition to bring House Bill 5124, which would provide immediate auto insurance rate relief for seniors aged 62 and older, to the House floor for a vote. Republican leadership refused them the opportunity for the bill to be considered. In response, state Rep. Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) issued the following statement: 

 “It’s ridiculous and mean-spirited of House Republicans to refuse to discharge and pass a bill that would save senior citizens hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars on their auto insurance policies. House Bill 5124 would give seniors with Medicare or other retirement health care benefits a break on their PIP coverage. That’s what my senior constituents want, and I’m sure it’s what seniors across the U.P. and throughout Michigan want, too. We had a chance today to vote on a bipartisan bill that would have immediately reduced auto insurance rate for our seniors, but the House Republicans said no. Shame on them for forcing senior citizens to pay so much more for health care coverage then they need to.”