LANSING — Today, a judge determined that Nick Lyon, the director of the Department of Health and Human Services, is going to stand trial in connection to a Legionnaires’ outbreak during the Flint water crisis. In response, state Rep. Sheldon A. Neeley (D-Flint) issued the following statement:

“For years, I have been calling on Director Lyon to step down or be removed from his post, as he has proven time and again he is incapable of protecting Michigan residents. Instead, he has been protected by Gov. Rick Snyder, even as people died on his watch. Today’s decision is a meaningful step toward long-awaited justice for the people of Flint and those who lost their lives due to Lyon’s poor leadership, and a clear sign that he should no longer be heading the state’s Health and Human Services Department. As we endure this humanitarian crisis, I will continue speaking out against the Snyder-Schuette administration and insist that those responsible for harming our community are held accountable. Only when the people of Flint receive the justice they deserve will we finally be able to work toward finding healing in our community. That is why I am calling on all elected officials, clergy members and community members to stand in support of Flint as we continue to mobilize for our ongoing fight for justice.”