DETROIT — Today the Detroit City Council passed a resolution in support of state Rep. Sheldon Neeley’s (D-Flint) House Bill 4124 to create a program for testing and removing lead from drinking water in schools and child care centers. This comes as many Detroit public schools have disconnected their water supply due to high lead levels in the water. In response, Rep. Neeley issued the following statement:

“It should be a no-brainer to ensure that children in our schools have clean, safe water. That’s why I appreciate the Detroit City Council unanimously passing a resolution in support of my plan to provide schools and day care centers with resources to ensure our most vulnerable population — our children — are protected from lead and other contaminants. After the tragedy in my city of Flint, and all we have learned firsthand about the dangers of childhood exposure to lead, there is no reason the Legislature should not follow Detroit’s lead and pass my much-needed legislation into law.”