LANSING — Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted on the FY 2018-19 General Government budget and rejected an amendment to provide an additional $2.9 million from the General Fund for water bottle distribution in the city of Flint. In response, state Rep. Sheldon Neeley (D-Flint) issued the following statement:

            “Yesterday, the Legislature had an opportunity to make up for the Snyder administration’s failure to do right by the people of Flint, yet the majority party failed them. The people of my city are still in desperate need of bottled water delivery, especially those who are homebound and unable to access clean water by any other means. And though my amendment proposed using money that is already available to help them receive this most basic resource, my amendment was rejected.

            “I was sent to Lansing to serve on behalf of the people of Flint. Every day when I come to the Capitol, I fight to make sure their voices are heard and they receive the justice and help that they not only need, but deserve. We are duty-bound as legislators to serve our constituents, and this amendment would have provided a critical resource for Flint residents who are sick, elderly and homebound. I am disappointed legislative leadership refused to accept my amendment, and am disheartened that the people of Flint will not receive the support they need as they recover from the burden Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration forced them to bear. I remain hopeful that the attorney general will respond to my request and intervene on behalf of Flint residents to provide this critical service, especially for our most vulnerable populations.”