FLINT — Today, Gov. Snyder and his administration communicated their decision to stop providing free water bottles at water distribution sites throughout the city of Flint. These sites began in response to emergency management from the state changing the city’s water source, which resulted in lead-tainted water coming out of residents’ taps. In response, state Rep. Sheldon Neeley (D-Flint) issued the following statement:

“A crisis of confidence doesn’t end overnight. Today’s decision by the Snyder administration to end water distribution to a city it traumatized is cruel and concerning at this juncture. Governor Snyder has failed to address the psychological trauma that his administration put the people of Flint through. The fact is, the people of Flint don’t trust the Snyder administration or the science they pay for – science that previously allowed our city to be poisoned. If the State stands unwilling to maintain needed services to a city it failed, the city of Flint has my full support in taking legal action to compel the state to do its job and continue water service to its citizens.”