LANSING — This evening, the Michigan House of Representatives voted on House Bill 5013, which makes various changes to the state’s auto no-fault insurance system. The bill failed to pass, and in response, state Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D-Detroit) issued the following statement:

“Michigan drivers pay the highest auto insurance rates in the nation, and while addressing those costs is critical, this bill didn’t do that. Instead, it would have given insurance companies what they wanted: caps on benefits for accident victims and a way out of providing any cost reduction. This failure symbolizes a bipartisan agreement that more needs to be done, and different issues need to be addressed, to truly provide financial relief for families without sacrificing care. I stood firm for Detroit against redlining, with an amendment to end non-driving factors, a practice that insurance companies are getting away with nationally, and I will call upon other leaders within our city to stand with me, as this bill would have continued to penalize drivers in predominantly black communities. I am hopeful that now our bipartisan Fair and Affordable package will receive a hearing, and conversations on no-fault reform can continue.”