“I am thrilled to support the agreement between the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan that will result in more than $48 million for neighborhood improvements and an optional residential relocation program, job training, health impact assessments and air quality monitoring for Southwest Detroit and Delray residents. This money comes from the city selling to the state parcels of land, underground assets and about 5 miles of city streets needed for the Gordie Howe Bridge. The money from that sale will directly benefit Delray community residents and neighborhoods across the city.

“Science tells us that living near major roadways with diesel emissions – like those from the increased truck traffic expected to cross the border- can harm one’s lungs, increase the chance of respiratory diseases and affect pregnant women. The news today about community benefits and particularly the air monitoring and residential buyouts and relocations is a huge victory – something residents have been fighting for over more than a decade.

“I am honored to be an active member of the Community Advisory Group that has worked with the mayor, state, Canada, and community members on securing community benefits for the people and neighborhoods near where the bridge will land. I am thankful for the leadership of my predecessors in the state House of Representatives — Steve Tobocman and Rashida Tlaib — who both fought extremely hard for Delray residents and helped form the Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition and Community Advisory Group, respectively. Their efforts together with the community’s tenacity, perseverance and effective advocacy have led us to this point.”