LANSING — Today, the House of Representatives voted on a proposal to repeal the state’s prevailing wage law, which ensured that workers on state projects were paid a fair wage. The proposal passed by a vote of 56-53. In response, state Rep. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) issued the following statement:

            “Prevailing wage laws protect working families and provide them with the economic freedom to build a better life for themselves. I am disappointed that today, House Republicans decided not to support working families. Prevailing wages kept skilled tradespeople and their families in our state, where they support our local economy, pay taxes, and build strong communities as they build our infrastructure. Repealing this law will not only lower the quality of our infrastructure, but it will take money directly out of the pocketbooks of everyday Michiganders to put it into the wallets of greedy contractors and wealthy CEOs. Voting for this proposal is downright irresponsible. We should be doing more to support skilled trades, not move our state backward.”