LANSING — Today, a bipartisan group of lawmakers were joined by gymnasts and survivors to introduce a package of Senate bills aimed at extending the statute of limitations for civil and criminal sexual abuse cases, increasing the penalties for child pornography and expanding the number of mandatory reporters. In response, state Rep. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit), chairwoman of the Progressive Women’s Caucus, issued the following statement:

                “What Larry Nassar was allowed to do to young women and girls for decades is tragic. However, it is inspiring to now see how these survivors continue to use their voices to advocate for change in our society. I am encouraged by the work taking place on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers of the state Legislature to address how we can support these survivors and prevent this from happening again. I commend the women for speaking out today about the need for Michigan to do better and am encouraged by today’s announcement led by Sen. Margaret O’Brien on this important issue.

                “Earlier this month, the PWC unveiled several principles for legislative solutions to address sexual assault on college campuses, and we are heartened by the positive conversations we continue to have with our colleagues in the House and the Senate about this important issue. As a member of the Law and Justice Committee, one of two House committees investigating the Larry Nassar scandal, I am looking forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in every way I can to protect survivors, hold universities and health facilities accountable, and prevent sexual assault from occurring on campuses altogether.”