LANSING — House Democrats filed a discharge petition to bring House Bill 5124, which would provide immediate auto insurance rate relief for seniors aged 62 and older, to the House floor for a vote. Republican leadership refused them the opportunity for the bill to be considered. In response, state Rep. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) issued the following statement: 

“I am shocked that House Republicans refused to consider a bipartisan bill to lower auto no-fault insurance rates for senior citizens. Seniors are paying double because they pay for Medicare and then they pay for health coverage through their auto insurance policies. That’s unnecessary and a great burden for many seniors who live on fixed incomes. There’s a lot of debate on how to reform the system in the long term, but HB 5124 is something we can all agree to fix right now. We need to get back to work and pass this bill so that seniors can have the no-fault rate relief they desperately need.”