“I was disappointed to learn about the potential introduction of anti-sanctuary city legislation in the state Legislature similar to legislation that was introduced last session. I believe that our local jurisdictions should have the ability to do more to be welcoming and safe communities for all. This proposal is a step backward. Police should be able to focus on stopping and solving crimes in our local communities, not checking immigration papers.

“Law enforcement experts across the country have pointed out that sanctuary city policies can actually deter crime. Sanctuary city policies, like those in Detroit and Ann Arbor, help build community and police relations. Under sanctuary city policies, undocumented immigrants are less likely to be fearful of contacting the police due to their immigration status. Instead, they are more likely to report crime to law enforcement agencies and cooperate with law enforcement officers.

“At a time when we need to ensure we have safer communities and stronger police-community relations, we should be moving forward with positive steps to strengthen those relationships, rather than creating harmful barriers.”