LANSING — It was announced today that a settlement between the survivors of convicted sexual abuser Larry Nassar and Michigan State University has been reached. In response, state Rep. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit), Democratic vice-chair of the House Law and Justice Committee and chair of the Progressive Women’s Caucus, issued the following statement:

            “Today’s settlement is an important milestone for the hundreds of survivors who suffered years of abuse at the hands of Nassar and were abandoned by the adults and institutions around them. These survivors have contributed to a long-awaited reckoning in our society that will help us all change for the better. While this is a significant step toward delivering these survivors the justice they deserve, there is still far more work to be done to effect meaningful policy changes in our state.

            “I have been heartened by the hearings that the Law and Justice Committee continues to hold on a bipartisan package of bills that would better address sexual assault in our state. These bills are still being thoroughly vetted by survivors, advocacy groups, stakeholders and others to ensure we are creating the most effective and supportive policies possible. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting survivors in our state, ensuring institutions are held accountable, and identifying ways to prevent sexual assault from occurring altogether.”