LANSING —Today, the Michigan House of Representatives voted on Senate Bill 702, which would prohibit local governments from imposing deed restrictions on school buildings that they sell. In response, state Rep. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) issued the following statement:

“I voted no on Senate Bill 702 because I believe it is important to allow local school districts across our state to have the ability to decide what is best for kids in those districts. Our school districts have locally elected school boards who are there to serve all kids across the jurisdiction. While I support the efforts of Detroit Prep Academy and other quality public school academies, I have to balance that support with the support that I want all children in Detroit and Michigan to have so that every Michigan child receives the best possible education.

“Ensuring that our traditional public school system thrives — especially at this critical time for the Detroit Public Schools Community District — while maintaining the current quality non-traditional schools, such as public school academies, we have is a careful balance. I want the schools that best serve our children to have the best opportunities. SB 702 would take away a tool that some school districts would want to pursue if they believe locally that it would help improve the chances for success of the traditional public schools in their area, as those schools work continuously to improve and thrive. For that reason, I voted no on SB 702.”