LANSING — Today, the House of Representatives voted on the One Fair Wage and MI Time to Care citizen ballot initiatives, which would increase the minimum wage and guarantee paid sick leave for all, respectively. The proposals passed. In response, Rep. state Terry Sabo (D-Muskegon) issued the following statement:

“Earned paid sick leave and a reasonable minimum wage give workers and families opportunities to meet their needs, making sure their kids have opportunities after high school, and save for a secure retirement. I believe we should have let these go to the ballot, and that is why I voted no. Now that these vitally important programs have become law, I will fight like hell to protect them. It is imperative that every member of the Legislature honor the peoples’ desire for a higher minimum wage and earned sick leave, and leaders should not come back later and make changes.

“House Democrats have introduced many pieces of legislation this session to address these two issues, but the Republican majority has repeatedly refused to take them up presumably because certain special interest groups have been opposed. Now that the people of this state gathered enough signatures to place these issues on the ballot that same Republican majority and special interest groups decided to take these issues to the House Floor for a vote. They have publicly stated that they intend to amend them in the near future. I do not trust these votes were made for the right reason, but rather trust that the citizens of this state should have been given the opportunity to decide for themselves as the ballot initiative was intended to do.”