LANSING — Today, the House of Representatives voted down House Bill 5013, which would make sweeping changes to Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system. In response, state Rep. Winnie Brinks (D-Grand Rapids) issued the following statement: 

“I voted against House Bill 5013 because it’s a bad deal for the people in my community. This bill cuts necessary medical benefits, fails to deliver long-term rate reduction, and forces families who experience tragic accidents to spend down their hard-earned assets just to get the care they need. This bill does not help drivers struggling with the high cost of auto insurance. Instead, this bill is a handout to insurance companies. 

“Our constituents have a right to know that there is another option out there and it’s time to give that plan a hearing so that we can truly address the problems in our no-fault insurance system. The bipartisan Fair and Affordable Auto No-Fault Reform plan, which I cosponsor, offers Michiganders many cost-saving options that HB 5013 lacks, such as allowing seniors on Medicare to opt out of purchasing health benefits. The Fair and Affordable plan also makes insurance companies justify their rates, and it prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against people based on non-driving factors that skyrocket premiums, like marital status, gender, and credit score.  

“We need to pass real reform that saves families money without jeopardizing the care that allows those disabled or injured by automobile accidents to live with dignity and receive the services and therapies that can return them to a productive life.”