“Like many of the residents I’ve heard from, I fail to see the logic behind this proposal,” said State RepresentativeAlberta Tinsley-Talabi (D-Detroit). “Raising taxes by denying tax credits for our families and seniors and taking resources from our classrooms that should go toward educating our children – all in order to pay for huge tax breaks for corporations – does nothing to move Michigan forward, not to mention there is no guarantee of new jobs for our workers. Yet House Republicans continue to ignore the voices of the Michigan citizens who have presented case after case as to why this plan is wrong for our state. They forced it through the House, failing to compromise and reduce the additional burden that this bill will place on our residents. The formula for moving Michigan forward does not include raising taxes on those who can least afford it, sacrificing our kids’ future and leaving our families behind. To move Michigan forward we must continue to invest in our children, protect our families and make sure that job creation is a top business priority. “