“Northland Center will always have a prominent role in history of the city of Southfield and the metro-Detroit region. Despite its thriving peak decades ago, the property unfortunately struggled to remain a viable shopping center resulting in its closure. Now that the city of Southfield has acquired the property, the redevelopment of Northland presents a tremendous opportunity of economic growth for the city and surrounding communities.

“I’ve worked diligently in the State Legislature to promote economic tools that will allow communities to reinvest in old and vacant properties. The first bill that I introduced upon taking office was House Bill 4197 to extend the Commercial Rehabilitation Act, which seeks to eliminate the commercial blight that is too prominent in some of our neighborhoods. Southfield City Council has used the Commercial Rehabilitation Act to revive vacant commercial space throughout the city and it’s a tool that can be used on the Northland property.

“I urge the passage of House Bill 4197 so that Northland and vacant commercial property throughout our state can be revived and help grow our local economies.”