“The School Aid Fund budget, House Bill 4115, was significantly improved in conference committee by increasing funding for at-risk students, restoring third-grade reading standards and increasing per-pupil funding— all Democratic priorities, which is why I voted to approve it.

“However, I voted against the General Fund budget, Senate Bill 133, for several reasons. The budget does nothing to curtail runaway tax credits for big corporations and takes a Band-Aid approach to road funding. It also closes Department of Human Services buildings in areas with many needy families and instead spends money on new luxury offices for state senators.

“As a state representative, I always vote with my constituents’ best interests in mind, regardless of party politics. This is why I didn’t hesitate to vote for HB 4115 but remained opposed to SB 133. One is right for the people of Michigan, and the other doesn’t measure up. I will continue doing what I believe is best for the hardworking residents of the 35th District and our state.”