“I am appalled by the lack of transparency shown by the state School Reform/Redesign Office in their decision to close Michigan and DPS schools. The process by which the SRO drew their conclusions, and even the very data they used in drawing them, has been shoddy and secretive, meaning our children will be living in a world of uncertainty, indefinitely. Yet it is no surprise that the SRO — which is under direct supervision of Gov. Rick Snyder — is making unfavorable decisions for our city and its kids. Our community has already suffered greatly this year at the hands of partisan politics, thanks to the detrimental legislation signed into law in June. Yet despite that bill package creating an entirely new DPS district, the SRO is judging our schools by the criteria the new laws were meant to temporarily protect them from. Not only is it unfair to our parents, students and teachers, it is in direct conflict with the creation of said district, which Republicans claimed would help provide a fresh academic start for schools. This further highlights the lack of transparency when it comes to education in our state, and the ineffectiveness of the SRO, with its secret plans that many perceive as a back door to further charter expansion. It is time this state made up its mind about what is expected from Detroit, and more importantly, began including the voices of actual Detroiters when making its decisions.”