“Today, I testified in the House Commerce and Trade Committee against House Bill 4052. I believe that allowing local governments to strike agreements with developers to ensure they are getting the best deal for their residents and workers is a necessary tool our local leaders must have. This bill denies communities the freedom to work with developers on employer-worker relations or give proper consideration to people who live near these development projects. State House District 6 faces a number of economic challenges, and at the same time, includes a number of areas that are the site of current or future development. It is an important balancing act to make sure that economic development happens hand-in-hand with ensuring that residents and taxpayers gain as well. We want to improve the economy in our state and make sure as many Michiganders as possible have access to opportunities. But to achieve that, we should encourage our local jurisdictions to research, debate, and adopt ideas that can help more people enter the workforce through an apprenticeship program, help more workers get a wage that can help them feed their families and remove potential barriers to employment – all of which would be prohibited if HB 4052 becomes law. The residents from my district, and across the state, deserve better.”