“On March 10, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a final action regarding several states that have failed to submit their State Implementation Plans to come into attainment with the sulfur dioxide standard within the Clean Air Act. Michigan is one of 11 states that is affected by this final action. This finding of failure establishes new deadlines for the EPA to impose sanctions or to develop a federal implementation plan if the state fails to submit its own.

“My community deserves relief from the air pollution that impacts our daily lives – from asthma to the respiratory conditions such as COPD. The EPA’s finding of failure and notification is definitely a step in the right direction. I remain extremely disappointed that our Michigan Department of Environmental Quality still has not submitted a plan to the EPA to come into attainment with the sulfur dioxide standard. I urge the EPA to move quickly to implement a federal plan that will bring SO2 levels into attainment. We cannot delay action any longer. The health of seniors and children depends on it.”