“I wholeheartedly support the State Board of Education’s continued discussion over a draft guidance to make students feel safe and welcome in Michigan schools. Allowing young people to use the name, pronouns and restrooms that conform to their gender identity is a move in the right direction. Continuing to advocate for inclusive policies like these will attract and retain young professionals and families. Which is why, today, I did not support the amendment offered during our subcommittee meeting that would strip funding for travel expenses for the unpaid members of the State Board of Education as a result of their actions to make all Michigan schools inclusive for all children.”

“Separately, I am pleased to report that our subcommittee approved all three of the amendments I offered during today’s meeting. These amendments will allow the Department of Education to further aid the children of Flint suffering as a result of the water crisis and ensure that the programs we offer are running effectively and reaching as many children as possible. Childhood lead exposure, even at low levels, is a critical health issue. Michigan needs to do everything it can to mitigate the effects of lead poisoning and help children lead healthy, productive lives.”