LANSING — Today, state Reps. Sheldon Neeley (D-Flint) and Phil Phelps (D-Flushing) met with officials in the city of Flint to discuss state funding for the city to help with its ongoing water crisis. Joining Reps. Neeley and Phelps in the meeting were members of the Flint City Council, including Council President Herbert Winfrey and members of the Flint School Board, including Board President Diana Wright.

            In response, Rep. Neeley issued the following statement:

            “This water crisis is far from over, and though the media and the cameras have left, our residents are still picking up the pieces of this massive bureaucratic failure. I was grateful to have the opportunity to sit down with the board members today to discuss our efforts at the state level to provide much-needed funding for Flint residents. This includes my most recent attempt to include in the state budget $2.9 million for bottled water delivery to residents who are homebound, elderly, or are disabled — some of the most vulnerable among us. I look forward to continuing to partner with them and my colleagues in the House to provide Flint the resources and support that it needs and deserves.”

            In addition, Rep. Phelps issued the following statement:

            “The people of Flint are facing a tragedy the likes of which many of our colleagues from elsewhere in the state cannot imagine, and they need every ounce of support we can give to help them recover and move on from this grim chapter in their lives. All year we have been fighting for the funding Flint needs in the upcoming state budget, yet all of our amendments to provide Flint with these critical resources have been rejected. I am hopeful after meeting with these city officials that we can work together to get Flint residents the help they deserve.”