LANSING — Today, the House of Representatives voted out Senate Bills 652-654, which create new panels and gives them new powers to oversee the DEQ and its permitting and rule-making process. In response, state Rep. Sylvia Santana (D-Detroit) issued the following statement:

“At some point, we have to stop and ask ourselves, who we are serving? Are we serving the people who elected us? Or are we serving corporate interests? I believe that legislators have a responsibility to speak for their constituents. Regardless of what is wanted in penthouse boardrooms, I came to Lansing with one mission: improving life for the residents of my district and Michigan as a whole.

“We should be keeping corporate interests out of the decision and rule-making process, not allowing them significant influence. I voted no because I don’t think corporations negotiating the rules and regulations that are designed to govern them is in the best interest of my district or the natural resources of our state.”