DETROIT, Mich., Sept. 14, 2023 — Moments ago, the United Auto Workers union announced they will begin a strike at several automotive plants beginning at 11:59 p.m. Hundreds of thousands of auto workers’ contracts will expire at that time, with no consensus on negotiations. Other Michigan workers have also gone on strike this week, including workers at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan  and Ascension Health. State Rep. Brenda Carter (D-Pontiac), former UAW dues paying member, issued the following statement in support of these workers fight for a fair contract, fair wages and better benefits:

“Listen, workers wages have remained stagnant despite record breaking corporate profits — this is what we hear time and again from every corner of our state and across the country.  Michigan is on the verge of becoming the lifeblood of the movement to go clean and produce more electric vehicles. And the workers who are on strike today deserve an opportunity to earn a better living tomorrow as the auto industry pivots toward the future.”

Michigan has over 1,700 labor unions and about 589,000 Michigan workers within those unions. The UAW strike will be historic and costly. This is the first time UAW workers have struck simultaneously at all Big Three automakers. This could negatively impact the nation’s economy by an estimated $5.6 billion in just 10 days after the strike starts.

Since being elected into majority, House Democrats have made historic strides this year to uplift Michigan’s working families — from repealing anti-worker “right-to-work” laws to re-establishing prevailing wages —  and stand firmly in favor of these hardworking Michiganders being paid what they’re worth.