DETROIT, Mich., Sept. 15, 2023 — The United Auto Workers (UAW) officially went on strike earlier today. With a lack of consensus on negotiations, this is the first time UAW workers have struck simultaneously at all Big Three automakers — about 300,000 Michigan workers are hourly workers connected to the auto industry. The union has been in contract negotiations with the automobile companies fighting for fair pay and better benefits. This strike comes on the heels of others this week, including striking workers at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Ascension Health. State Rep. Karen Whitsett  (D-Detroit) issued the following statement in support of the efforts by Michigan workers:

“Michigan workers are at a crossroads, and they are tired of waiting for their fair share of the profits. The workers’ voices must be heard and have some respect put on their hard work and validation with better wages, health care and better retirement options. I am hopeful and stand in solidarity with the UAW workers on strike that a better, more fair contract can be reached — it’s what they deserve.”

House Democrats have a long history of firmly standing in support of hardworking Michigan families, and since gaining majority this year, the lawmakers have made historic strides to uplift the workers who keep Michigan running by repealing anti-worker “right-to-work” laws, re-establishing prevailing wage, restoring collective bargaining rights and helping to keep more money in Michiganders’ pockets.