Young on the State of the State Address

 Lawmaker highlights ensuring kids get a bigger future


LANSING, Mich., Jan. 24, 2024 — Before a joint legislative session today, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivered this year’s State of the State address. In her speech, the governor outlined her priorities to continue uplifting Michiganders at every stage of life, providing more opportunities for working families, lowering costs and investing even more in education. State Rep. Stephanie A. Young (D-Detroit) issued the following statement in response to Whitmer’s address:


“The children of Michigan deserve every opportunity to become productive, successful, and happy adults. These opportunities exist because we have made record investments in education for all children, especially for those who may have really struggled due to the pandemic. During this session, I introduced a bill package that requires better oversight and accountability for educating our youth in the foster care system. This legislation gives foster youth equal access to their school records, which is essential to enrollment, placement in the right grade and ultimately graduation. We put kids first and I am excited about the plans to continue strengthening our educational system for our babies, including the guarantee that every 4-year-old has a spot in a free pre-K classroom. Parents and guardians can be rest assured that Democrats have their backs, especially when it comes to providing a quality education for our youth.”


Since gaining control of the House, Senate and governor’s office last year, Michigan Democrats have laid a strong foundation for our state by putting people first. This foundation includes repealing the retirement tax, increasing the working families tax credit (EITC), funding free breakfast and lunch for public school children, ensuring better access to reproductive health care, improving public safety and so much more. With efforts including lowering prescription costs, bolstering our economy, and ensuring Michigan is a healthy and desirable state to live, work and play in, House Dems continue putting in that work, to create the best and brightest future for all Michiganders.