LANSING — President Trump announced today that he will end the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In response, State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) issued the following statement:

“With one action, the president has turned the American Dream into a nightmare. Ripping 800,000 people away from work and school, and potentially forcing them out of the only country they’ve ever called home is not the way to fix our immigration system.”

“Dreamers have been and continue to contribute positively to our society. One such individual comes to mind — Jesus Contreras, a paramedic that risked his life by rescuing Hurricane Harvey victims. Instead of being recognized for his heroic actions, he will now be faced with the threat of deportation.”

“In the absence of DACA, I strongly urge members of Congress to pass meaningful immigration reform that allows people who want to work, study, start businesses, and contribute to our society the opportunity to do so, especially those people who were brought here as children through no fault of their own. Although the White House administration made a terrible decision today, I am hopeful that we can recognize the benefits of a fair and humane immigration system and push to make it a reality.”

In addition, state Rep. Sylvia Santana (D-Detroit) issued the following statement:

“With state Rep. Hammoud, I stand against the Trump administration’s decision to end DACA.  DACA has allowed hundreds of thousands of Dreamers to pursue higher education, start businesses and follow their dreams like every other American. These Dreamers deserve the chance to contribute to their communities and the economy.”