LANSING, Mich., April 12, 2023 — Yesterday state Rep. Lori M. Stone (D-Warren) testified in the Regulatory Reform Committee on the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, House Bill 4061. This legislation would require Kratom products to adhere to specific labeling requirements, restrict the sale of Kratom to consumers 21 years old and older and implement testing to prevent contamination.

“My work with my local prevention coalition led me to partner with local grassroots activists on developing a commonsense approach to regulating Kratom sales. This legislation was inspired by people active in the substance use recovery communities,” Stone said. “This bill is intended to regulate Kratom, which is currently sold in Michigan without adequate labeling, dosage or effects warnings. It’s time that we get these laws on the books.”

Kratom is used by some people to relieve pain. In small doses, Kratom provides a stimulant effect. In a larger dose, it has a depressant effect. Kratom may be brewed into a tea, taken in a capsule, or added to food. There is speculation that those in recovery can use Kratom to overcome opioid addiction. However, some people with a propensity for addiction have developed a dependence and abuse for Kratom.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve introduced this legislation. At the moment, Kratom is unregulated in Michigan, and there is a lack of consensus on what approach to take,” Stone continued. “It’s time that we move this legislation forward and regulate this product — for me, doing nothing is not an option.”