LANSING, Mich., Dec. 3, 2020 — State Rep. Lori Stone (D-Warren) introduced House Resolution 336 this week to commemorate the tragedy of the Holodomor, a genocide by starvation that took the lives of millions of Ukrainians between 1932-33. The resolution recognizes the fourth Saturday of November in 2020 as “Holodomor Memorial Day” in Michigan and was adopted unanimously by the House.


“The fact that the Holodomor isn’t included in so many history textbooks is exactly why a Holodomor Memorial Day is so important,” said Stone. “There are some tragedies that should never be forgotten, and I am proud that my colleagues joined me in commemorating the strength and resiliency of our Ukrainian friends and neighbors.”


This year marks the 87th anniversary of the Holodomor. Survivors of this atrocity and their many descendants found new homes in Michigan and continue to reside in the state after escaping the horrors of the genocide.



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