Veterans Matter in Michigan

No matter who you are, all Michiganders across the state recognize the need to protect our veterans. Veterans served and protected our country, and it’s time that we do the same for them. House Democrats have fought, and will continue to do so, to lower costs, protect and grow good-paying jobs and stand up for veterans and military families.

Securing Military Families Voting Rights

In September 2023, we passed HB 4210. This bill amends Michigan Election Law to allow overseas military spouses and dependents to file their ballots electronically. It also gives the Secretary of State additional time to ensure the electronic ballot return system is safe and secure. Military families face unique stresses as our service members fight for our freedoms; it’s our turn to fight to make sure the voices of military families are heard.

Addressing Veteran Housing 

No Michigander — and especially no veteran — should have to live on the streets. Yet, there are nearly 2,500 homeless vets in Michigan. House Democrats funded initiatives that address veteran homelessness and help our heroes get back on their feet. We’ve increased funding for new housing construction and simplified the disabled veterans property tax credit for veterans and military families. Under the new law, veterans (and their spouses) only need to file one request in order to receive the tax exemption.

Michigan National Guard Tuition Assistance Program

We need to continue to remove roadblocks that stand in the way of our veterans and their families from receiving the quality education they deserve. House Democrats worked across the aisle to pass bipartisan legislation to ensure family members qualify for this funding, and increased funding for the Michigan National Guard Tuition Assistance Program. This program offers Michigan National Guard members $14,400 annually in assistance for those obtaining an associate or baccalaureate degree or up to $6,000 for those earning professional certificates or a master’s degree.

Supporting Active-Duty Veterans (90)

HB 4850 recognizes and honors the sacrifice and service of our armed forces members and their families by granting them a well-deserved exemption from jury duty during active-duty periods. This bill not only respects our commitment to our veterans and military families, but also acknowledges the unique challenges and responsibilities they face, ensuring they can fulfill their duties to our country without additional burdens.