WASHINGTON, DC., Aug. 10, 2022 — State Rep. Joe Tate (D-Detroit) attended the signing of the PACT Act by President Joe Biden at the White House today. The Pact Act expands veteran health care and benefits. The law increases access to medical coverage for those exposed to toxins, such as Agent Orange, radiation, burn pits, and more from the Vietnam Era onward. It requires the VA to provide toxic exposure screening to all veterans enrolled in veteran health care. It will also improve research, staff education and treatment related to these toxic exposures. The law also adds more presumptive alignments and locations of potential exposure. After the ceremony, Rep. Tate issued the following statement:


“As a veteran of the Marine Corps, I know just how important it is that my brothers and sisters in arms are granted proper care for the toxic exposure they endured while defending American rights and freedoms. Today grants justice to those who have paid the price in the form of their health and well-being. The very least we can do is provide proper medical coverage for these burdens, and we’ve finally done that.”