LANSING, Mich., March 21, 2024 — Michigan officials announced today that the state’s unemployment rate has dropped to 3.9%; additionally, the state’s labor force grew by 1.9% year over year — that is nearly triple the rate at which the national labor force grew over the same period of time. Speaker of the House Joe Tate (D-Detroit) issued the following statement on the newest unemployment numbers: 


“This welcome news demonstrates that the Democratic agenda of putting people first — smart new policies combined with targeted budget investments — is working. The fact that our job growth far outpaces the national rate is just the latest signal that Michigan is the number one place to do business in the nation. All that said, my fellow lawmakers and I know that times are tough for many individuals and families across the state, which is why we are going to remain steadfast in our commitment to lower costs and create jobs, so that all Michiganders have the freedom to afford necessities and have some financial breathing room, too.”