LANSING, Mich., April 8, 2022 — State Rep. Joe Tate (D-Detroit) called on leaders of the majority House Republican Caucus today to take up a resolution he sponsored last month. House Resolution 252 would condemn the actions of false electors in seven battleground states during the 2020 election and encourage the Justice Department and state attorneys general to prosecute those electors to the fullest extent of the law. Tate issued the following statement:

“After the 2020 presidential election, self-declared electors in this very state ignored the will of the people and signed certificates falsely claiming that Donald Trump had won the election in their states. They must face consequences for their actions. My Republican colleagues would like to sweep this issue under the rug, dashing this bill to languish in the House Judiciary Committee. Some of them even brought these phony electors to our Capitol, but ignoring this resolution betrays the people we are sworn to represent. It has been 21 days since I offered my resolution, and the Republican majority hasn’t moved an inch. We cannot wait another 21 days. We must pass this resolution now to show we care and honor the will of the people in Michigan.”