LANSING, Mich., April 28, 2021 —  Yesterday, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that will increase the minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 an hour. The raise from $10.95 an hour will begin in January 2022, and agencies must implement the measure no later than March. Biden also signed a separate order to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for federal employees. State Rep. Shri Thanedar (D-Detroit) issued the following statement in response:

“I am grateful to President Biden and his administration for doing their part to help uplift and add to the financial security of working families. So many live from paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the resources to deal with unexpected events or emergencies. This increase in pay for federal workers is a great step in the right direction. That being said, we still need to pass legislation here in Michigan so that every worker has that same financial security. This isn’t a partisan issue; it is doing what is right for Michiganders.”