LANSING, Mich., July 13, 2022 — At the end of June, state Rep. Shri Thanedar (D-Detroit) introduced House Resolution 324. This resolution condemns antisemitism and urges Michigan leaders to prevent, report and address incidents of antisemitism. The resolution was developed in response to the increased and continuous antisemetic behavior within the U.S. One study ranked Michigan the fifth leading state for antisemitic incidents last year. 

“Antisemitism is unacceptable. Michigan needs to take greater steps to prevent, report, investigate and hold individuals accountable for their prejudicial actions towards the Jewish community,” Thanedar. “It is clear, more steps are needed to create a more inclusive and informed Michigan and deter and mitigate prejudices within Michigan and the U.S.”

There is a long history of Jewish opression, discrimination and persuction. With the increased rise of hateful movements, the U.S and the world have witnessed an upswing of antisemitic trends and prejudice against minority groups. This resolution condemns antisemitism in all forms, by all actors, wherever it occurs, as an affront to basic human decency and a civilized society.

“The statistics don’t lie — the ignorance and increased incidents of antisemitism are rising. I urge Michigan leaders to be active in addressing hate within communities. We must not be passive, we must have a voice for all people and for equality. Prejudices must be addressed actively and they must be addressed now — for the protection of all.”

The resolution urges that further steps be taken to prevent antisemitism and that incidents be reported to local law enforcement. It also urges the Michigan Attorney General and Department of Civil Rights to participate in investigations on antisemitic incidents.