Dear Neighbor,

Happy Black History Month! Black History is American History that belongs in our spaces 365 days a year. This February, I am excited to continue celebrating and uplifting the strength and vitality of our Black community here in West Bloomfield, Commerce, and the Lakes.

Welcome to my first newsletter of 2024, “The Latest from Lansing and the Lakes.” After a break for the holidays, the Legislature is back in session, and I’m ready for another year of fighting for West Bloomfield, Commerce, and the Lakes. To start 2024, I’m prioritizing increasing access to mental health services, continuing to strengthen Michigan’s response to hate crimes, and supporting public education.

Topics covered in this newsletter include:

  • My first two bills signed into law
  • Advancing MI Mental Health Legislation
  • Free resources for students experiencing antisemitism on campus
  • My statement on the road conditions in West Bloomfield after the storm
  • My next “Nosh with Noah” event — New date! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything you need or to express your views. You can email or call my office at (517) 373-3816. It is an honor, joy and privilege to serve as your state representative; I strive every day to be worthy of the trust you have placed in me. Make sure to follow my official Facebook page to keep up-to-date on upcoming events, legislation and other announcements!


State Representative Noah Arbit

Proudly serving the people of West Bloomfield, Commerce, and the Lakes

The Latest from Lansing

A graphic describing Rep. Arbit's first two bills signed into law.

Rep. Arbit stands with the governor and others for a bill signing ceremony.

Rep. Arbit’s First Two Bills Signed Into Law

I am excited to share that two of my bills were signed into law by Governor Whitmer! The first bill package, known as the Institutional Desecration Act, protects houses of worship and other communal institutions from hate-motivated vandalism. Hate-filled attacks on Michigan synagogues, mosques, churches and community centers are becoming too common, and this act brings to justice the malicious vandals who seek to divide us and instill fear in our communities.

My second bill signed into law is a part of a bipartisan elections package targeting bad actors who use AI to sow mistrust among voters. AI-created disinformation, such as deepfakes, greatly damages voters’ trust in their elected officials, and together our bills aim to punish those who knowingly create and distribute falsified content to influence voters before they head to the polls.

Rep. Arbit Spearheads ‘Advancing MI Mental Health’ Bills

No issue is more pressing than ensuring every Michigander has access to mental health care. As vice chair of the House Health Policy Subcommittee on Behavioral Health, I am proud to spearhead the “Advancing MI Mental Health” package, which will help put Michigan on a path to becoming a place where kids, seniors and everyone in between has access to vital mental health care.

The Advancing MI Mental Health package seeks to increase access to care by cutting red tape encountered by many mental and behavioral health practitioners in applying to join insurance network panels (HBs 5343-44). Additionally, the legislation assists the state in monitoring health insurers’ compliance with federal laws mandating coverage parity for mental and behavioral health services (HBs 5345-47).

You can read more about the legislation here.

Rep. Arbit and Rep. Brabec stand together holding their mental health legislation.

Rep. Arbit Releases PSA on Antisemitism on Campuses, Highlights ADL Hotline

In response to increased antisemitic incidents on college campuses, I released a public service announcement highlighting the Campus Antisemitism Legal Line (CALL). Formed in partnership by ADL, Hillel International, the Brandeis Center and Gibson Dunn, CALL is a secure, confidential text hotline for college students to report incidents of antisemitism on campus and connect with legal experts for advice on how to respond. Watch the full PSA here.

“College campuses are meant to be places where diversity of thought is not just tolerated, but cherished. While every student has the constitutional right to free speech and free assembly, when discourse devolves into base intimidation, threats or hate speech, every person on campus suffers.”

The Latest from the Lakes: Events & Updates

Action on Poor Road Conditions in West Bloomfield after Snowstorms

I contacted the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) to get answers as to why the roads were in such poor condition after the recent storm. The answer I received back was largely unsatisfactory — RCOC blamed a mechanical failure in its Waterford garage which meant that West Bloomfield could not be serviced to the degree necessary to keep us safe.

Obviously, if RCOC had an inability to service West Bloomfield, it should have done everything in its power to divert resources here, and furthermore, a public notice or statement to West Bloomfield residents proactively warning us about their inability to plow West Bloomfield would have ensured our residents were forewarned and could be more judicious in deciding whether to travel.

As it stands, RCOC’s lack of forthrightness about its failures to plow West Bloomfield roads is egregious and intolerable. They will be hearing more from me, and I hope, from you. You can view RCOC’s entire response to my inquiry on my Facebook page.

The Latest from the Lakes

Mark Your Calendar — Next ‘Nosh with Noah’ is Feb. 16!

Come connect with me in Orchard Lake! Meeting and hearing from you is not only one of my favorite parts of my job, but an essential part of my duty as your state representative. Join me for my next Nosh with Noah community conversation on Friday, Feb. 16, at 10:30 a.m. at Sweet Dreams Bakery in Orchard Lake. You can sign up to attend here.

A graphic with the information for the next Nosh with Noah event.

Orchard Lake Swearing-In Ceremony

I had the amazing honor of swearing-in the two newly elected members of the Orchard Lake City Council, as well as the new Chief of Police Jeffrey Gomez! I am proud to represent Orchard Lake, and I am excited to see the new perspectives Kelly Feehily Mandel and David Steuer will bring to the council.

A photo of Rep. Arbit swearing in the new Orchard Lake police chief.

A photo of Rep. Arbit swearing in a new Orchard Lake City Council member.

Reasons to Contact Your State Representative

There’s no wrong reason to reach out to me! I can best represent our district when I know what issues are most important to you.

My team and I are eager to assist you with any of the following services:

  • Unemployment insurance claims.
  • Issues with state agencies like the Secretary of State, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Treasury.
  • State income tax return questions.
  • Legislative updates.
  • Recognition for a small business or outstanding individual.
  • Connections with local or federal leaders who serve our community.
  • Other resources or assistance — if we don’t offer it, we’ll help you find it!

Thank you for reading my newsletter! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any comments, questions, or concerns that you have. Stay tuned for next month’s “Latest from Lansing and the Lakes!”